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Aloha, fellow entrepreneur enthusiasts and lovers of all things business! Welcome to the tropical paradise of Hilo, Hawaii, where the surf is high, the vibes are chill, and the commerce is thriving like a well-watered palm tree. Nestled on the Big Island, Hilo is not just a haven for sunbathers and surfers; it's also a bubbling hotpot of economic activity. So, kick off your flip-flops, grab a mai tai, and let's dive into the largest and most flourishing enterprises that call Hilo their hale (that's Hawaiian for home)!

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Premium placement is the best way to advertise your company to your customers in Hilo
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Premium placement is the best way to advertise your company to your customers in Hilo
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Premium placement is the best way to advertise your company to your customers in Hilo
Hilo Union Elementary School
506 Waianuenue Avenue
Based on 1 reviews
Beauty salon
Nicole's Nails
50 East Puainako Street # 104
Maui Tacos
111 Puainako Street
Kawamoto Store
784 Kilauea Avenue
Movie rental
2100 Kanoelehua Avenue
Spa Vive
306 Lehua Street
Pu'uhonu Professional Building
75 Puuhonu Place
"Shoroan" Tea House
Liliuokalani Gardens, 49 Banyan Drive
Shopping mall
Sunglass Hut
111 East Puainako Street #433
Steven Y Sakata Inc
275 Ponahawai Street # 203
Wainaku Villa Vacation Rental
360 Kauila Street #402
Kaumana Trail
Saddle Road
Based on 1 reviews
Mauna Loa Gift Store
Macadamia Nut Road
Real estate agency
The Falls at Reed's Island
286 Kaiulani Street
Commodity Forwarders Inc
586 Kanoelehua Avenue #400
Beauty salon
Asian Wax Center
190 Keawe Street #31
Based on 2 reviews
Hilo Watershed Forest Reserve
Funeral home
Dodo Mortuary, Inc.
199 Wainaku Street
Car repair
30 Kukila Street
Veterinary care
Maika'i Veterinary Clinic, LLC
111 East Puainako Street, STE A-109
Based on 1 reviews
Hilo Bake Company Ltd
399 East Kawili Street
Gas station
Safeway Gas
381 Makaala Street
Clothing store
Paliku Surf

Helpful information

Hilo Hattie – The Store of Hawaii (Address: 111 East Puainako Street, Hilo, HI 96720)

Say "aloha" to Hilo Hattie, a store that's as legendary as the rainbow-colored shave ice you'll find on every street corner. This iconic emporium has been outfitting locals and tourists alike in island-inspired apparel since 1963. If you're craving a taste of the aloha spirit, look no further than their enchanting collection of Hawaiian shirts, muumuus, and coconut-shell bras.

KTA Super Stores – Puainako (Address: 50 East Puainako Street, Hilo, HI 96720)

What's a town without a thriving supermarket to supply sustenance to its sun-kissed inhabitants? KTA Super Stores, a Big Island institution since 1916, has been feeding the hungry masses with a smorgasbord of tropical delights and everyday essentials. Whether you're hunting for the juiciest pineapple or the most succulent poke, KTA has got you covered like a well-tied sarong.

HPM Building Supply (Address: 380 Kanoelehua Avenue, Hilo, HI 96720)

When it comes to all things construction, HPM Building Supply is the local go-to. They're as dependable as a trusty surfboard and have been riding the wave of Hilo's construction needs since 1921. Need lumber for your new beach bungalow? How about a sturdy hammer to whack those pesky coconuts? HPM is the one-stop-shop for all your building and renovation projects.

Big Island Candies (Address: 585 Hinano Street, Hilo, HI 96720)

If you've got a sweet tooth that rivals the local geckos', you'll be tickled pink to discover Big Island Candies. Established in 1977, this confectionery powerhouse has been tantalizing taste buds with their signature chocolate-dipped macadamia nut shortbread cookies. But don't stop there; their store is a veritable Willy Wonka's paradise, brimming with tropical treats to satisfy even the most discerning of sugar connoisseurs.

Hilo Medical Center (Address: 1190 Waianuenue Avenue, Hilo, HI 96720)

While Hilo is a utopia of sun and surf, even paradise has its share of boo-boos and ailments. Thankfully, Hilo Medical Center is here to mend our broken bones and soothe our sunburns. As the largest employer in town, HMC is a veritable Florence Nightingale of the Big Island, tending to the health and well-being of our lovely community since 1897.

So there you have it, my fellow business buffs: a delectable sampling of Hilo's most magnificent and titanic enterprises. Whether you're a visitor or a proud kama'aina, these Hilo heavyweights are sure to leave an impression as radiant as the Hawaiian sun. Mahalo for joining us on this whimsical romp through the tropical wonder land of Hilo's bustling commerce scene. As you saunter through our laid-back streets, you'll no doubt stumble upon even more thriving businesses that keep our island economy as vibrant as a hibiscus in full bloom. So, while you're sipping on your mai tai and admiring the orange-hued sunset, take a moment to appreciate the industrious spirit that has made Hilo not only a tropical paradise but also a hub of economic activity. Mahalo nui loa, and here's to the ever-thriving, ever-enticing businesses of Hilo, Hawaii!

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